I Can See Clearly Now

“I Can See Clearly Now” Outward Bound & Ronan Guilfoyle


The album was recorded in Athens, Greece on 19-20 January 2020, live in Studio Sierra.

Mixed and Mastered by Adrian von Ripka.

Released by Unit Records, 2021

Cover painting “I Can See Clearly Now” by Dimitra Kousteridou

On our first live concert, we made the decision to play without any pre-arranged material, or even a discussion of what or how we were going to play. It became immediately apparent that this was working for us so we kept it that way. After two years of playing together, it was time to try and take the energy and excitement we shared on stage and make a recording together.

So that’s what we did! We met in Athens and during the course of a weekend, we made it happen. We played live in the same room keeping things as direct and interactive as if on stage. The result is 12 pieces of music, with varying musical directions and moods, and the memory of a great weekend full of great music, great food, and great company.